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Advance Copy Reviews for
Virgil the Hound

 “Virgil the Hound is a touching story that reminds us that animals deserve kindness and compassion. More and more people are opening their hearts to animals, and Tere Albanese’s words will open many more.”
—Neal D. Barnard, MD
President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


“Adorable and Endearing!”
—Ingrid Newkirk, President, PETA


 “Every once and a while, a story comes along that feels like it has a touch of the divine. Virgil the Hound is just such a story.  Children and adults alike will take great joy in reading this uplifting story of a fox hound who does not want to hunt foxes or hurt anybody. Virgil teaches lessons to his adopted human and the readers of this story.
In addition to telling a wonderful story, it is fun to read and aesthetically pleasing.
It will make your day.”
—Joy Casey, author, and avid reader


“OMG, Tere – Just read Virgil! Your book is more than a poem. It’s highly educational about the cruelty we humans inflict, willingly or out of ignorance, on the animal kingdom! When we know better, we can do better! And I put myself in that category! Wow – I considered myself fairly well-educated, but I’ve not even scratched the surface!
So, a big  ‘Thank You’ for opening my eyes!”

—Ms. Donna Salyers, Animal Rights Activist, Fashion Designer, Founder, CEO & Worldwide Distributer of Fabulous-Furs
High-End Faux Fur Fashions 


“Virgil the Hound charming feel-good story of a hound who wouldn’t hunt and his extraordinary relationship with a fox. There must be many hounds who cannot be trained but sadly in the United Kingdom they are not re-homed or rescued. They are shot and used for fodder.
Here foxhunting is a sinister cruel practice involving wildlife crimes: terriers, who dig the foxes out if they have gone to ground, stolen cubs used as bait to train the hounds and bagged foxes, who are basically given to the hounds so they are not disappointed if they did not kill a fox on the hunt.
It is the public perception that hunts are following a trail, but in reality, this is seldom the case. It is paramount that the hunting ban is strengthened and enforced.
Virgil is a lucky hound indeed.”
 —Janice Holland, Animal rights Activist with an emphasis on fox hunting,
  Based in the UK – Twitter Handle Sneaky Vixen@JaniceHolland62


 “For lots of people, the abhorrent practice of fox hunting is beyond comprehension.
But sadly, foxes are repeatedly demonized as pests and violent killers, meaning the animals are seen as little more than vermin to many. Virgil the Hound talks about the remarkable relationship between a hound, who wouldn’t hunt, and a fox. Both of these animals are oppressed and hurt because of fox hunting.
Tere Albanese’s passion for animals shines through the poetry.
The story is an evocative and deeply moving account
of just one of the ways humans mistreat animals.
Readers will experience sadness, optimism and, hopefully, inspiration.”
—Maria Chiorando, Managing Editor, Vegan Life, England


“Oh Tere, what a wonderful, goose-bump provoking, heartfelt, tear jerking and informative read!  I am overjoyed that you have taken the time, throughout your life, to gather your thoughts and share your experience and valuable insight into the truths regarding the other living
(furry or not)
beings that we share this earth, and our existence with.  
 As much cruelty that still remains,
I do strongly believe in my heart that we, as a people, are evolving. 
 It is such an inspiration when someone decides to put the work into it and actually dedicates the time and effort into making a difference, and then sharing the passion with the rest. 
As much as I love animals, and try so hard to do the right thing,
 I fall short. 
After reading your manuscript, I have a renewed dedication to do better and I believe that this is exactly what your goal is. 
 It worked.
Thank you.
With love,
Covell, Real Estate Professional, Boise, Idaho

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By: Tere Albanese
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