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Author Biography
Author, Tere Albanese has made the journey from being raised on McDonald’s hamburgers to becoming a hardcore vegan and staunch animal rights activist. She is an expert on all forms of animal cruelty, its causes and how we can combat it. A graduate of UCLA, she holds two teaching credentials in English and Social Science and has taught both disciplines extensively. She is also a published journalist. She is an accomplished equestrian, having competed in hunter and jumper competitions, exercised racehorses at Santa Anita Park in Southern California. And, although it is in direct opposition to her love for animals, she also participated in fox hunting when she was a young girl. It was at that time she met Virgil. She wrote the original poem about him when she was ten years old. She has since edited her thinking and edited her poem. Her first book, and first in a series, Virgil the Hound, is a must read for children and adults. The reader will fall in love with Virgil, who breaks away from the pack and teaches a human about compassion and having the strength and confidence to do the right thing against all odds and facing a majority of opposition. To learn more about her, visit Ms. Albanese’s website: www.AnimalinstinctsPubications.com. Or email her at Tere@AniamalinstinctsPublications.com