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Bee Bathing Herself
Bee Bathing Herself


Watch this little lady worker bee enjoy giving herself a bath in the sun.
But first, read her story.

The worker bee is a female. Her job every day is to fly great distances in search of nectar and pollen with which she fertilizes plants that give her the nectar and pollen. It is a symbiotic relationship. She works diligently every day in her short, but vital, life of six weeks or so. She can fly carrying up to her full weight, which is not possible for any of our advanced airplanes. Needless to say, she is a strong little lady. She carries her load of nectar and pollen in two separate ways.  The pollen she carries on her legs and pollinates flowers as she flies to different locations.  The nectar is carried in her "honey stomach." This is a different stomach than her "food stomach." If she gets hungry, she will transfer the nectar to her "food stomach."

That is her payment for what she does for the hive.

When she arrives back at the hive she transfers the nectar to the “indoor” bees. The indoor bees pass the nectar from mouth to mouth, each chewing on the nectar, which reduces the moisture content and turns the nectar into honey.
Honey is the lifeblood of the hive.

It is their only source of food.

Bees are not capitalists.
They are communists.
They don't make extra honey to market so they can buy a big house.
They build their own big house, which in itself is an amazing work of architecture.
For that reason, I do not eat honey, use or consume, any products made with honey.

They put the honey in the honeycomb where it is stored for the newborn bees.

Each bee has a specific job.

They keep it simple.

When they get up in the morning,
they don’t have to wonder about what they are going to do. 

Never underestimate the importance of any animal on the planet.

If there were no bees
or other insects like them,

we would cease to exist.

Which is the case with all animals,

to a greater or lesser extent.
The only animal that the planet can do without

is man.

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