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Take it from me, you don't have to be cruel to be cute. There are plenty of options that  that are Super-Cute and Cruelty-Free.  My first line of Cruelty-Free Fashions that I designed and manufactured was the Africa Collection, in honor of African Animals. Here is a photo of the Africa Collection and me at a trade show in Las Vegas.  Those styles are gone, but I will be bringing you lots more.  The  banners behind  me were given to me by Born Free, a wonderful organization that believes that wild animals should be in the wild, not in zoos or aquariums . I agree.  Born Free is run by Will Travers , who is the son of   Virginia McKenna  and Bill Travers , who were the stars of a movie that changed the world, Born Free., based on Joy  Adamson's  novel. Of all the billions  of books ever written, there is a handful that changed the world. Born Free is one of them. Stay tuned for "My Take On The Story," as I recount the true story about the real life couple that raised Elsa  the lioness.