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Synopsis for Virgil theHound 

Virgil the Hound is an epic poem that takes the reader on a metamorphic journey. As in all of Tere Albanese’s animal stories, the animal is not the main character of the story. By definition, the main character needs to possess a character arc. If you think of the shape of an arc, it starts at one point and travels upward and rounds down to a point opposite from where it started. That is the path the main character travels and that travel is largely facilitated by the supporting character, which in this case is Virgil. The supporting character remains the same from beginning to end. In the case of all of Ms. Albanese’s works, the animal begins the story as a hero and remains a hero all the way through to the finish.

Virgil was born into a wealthy upper crust group of people who belong to a hunt club. They train their foxhounds to hunt foxes. These are the best of the best bloodlines in this pack. The problem is that Virgil wants nothing to do with hunting foxes. He’s a happy go lucky hound that likes to “…chase wild deer and birds as they flew. And although he never catch them and even if he could, he would never hurt them. But the pack would head one way and Virgil the other, through the wood.”

Of course this is the action that begins the transformation of the main character, who is a “whip.” The definition of a “political whip” is someone whose task is to ensure discipline within the party. They don’t actually carry a whip. However, there are appointed “whips” in a hunt club that have the same basic job, to enforce discipline within the pack of hounds and these whips actually carry whips that they crack and pop the hounds with it if they are getting out of line. That doesn’t stop Virgil from breaking away from the pack and the packs mentality, time and time again.

On one particular morning Virgil, as usual, goes his own way. A particular whip is sent to find him and bring him back. This character, the whip, is nameless and sexless. The whip is the main character and represents all of humanity. And as the main character, has a complete character arc.

As the reader, you are the main character. You will travel with that character over hill and dale as you look for Virgil. When the main character finds Virgil, the character also finds a path to metamorphosis.

The question is, what will your metamorphosis be?