Virgil the Hound is an amazon best seller and is a beautifully illustrated children's book, written by Tere Albanese who is a 20-year veteran school teacher. The beautiful photographs throughout will make this book a favorite of children everywhere while teaching valuable life lessons about kindness and compassion toward animals and humans. You can order personally autographed copies of the book by visiting our Books page. 


"Virgil the Hound is a charming, feel good story of a hound who wouldn't hunt"... Janice Holland, based in the UK. 

"Virgil the Hound is a touching story that reminds us that animals deserve kindness and compassion. More and more people are opening their hearts to animals, and Tere Albanese's words will open many more." Neal D. Barnard, MD, President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

"Every once and a while, a story comes along that feels like it has a touch of the divine. Virgil the Hound is jus such a story"... Joy Casey, Author and avid reader.

Virgil the Hound - A wonderful poem about a foxhound that does not want to hunt foxes.
Virgil the Hound - A wonderful poem about a foxhound that does not want to hunt foxes.

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 First, I want to introduce you to some of my family.  Everything I do is dedicated to them and the love we shared and to all animals that bring us joy every day,  and especially to those animals  that are suffering. everyday.   The photos are of three of my babies. Going from top to bottom we start with Heidi. I found her in a bad neighborhood as a puppy.  She was covered with mange and trotting behind two girls that were throwing stones at her.  She was such a sweet soul, she thought they were playing and happily trotted behind them trying to catch the stones.  My friend jumped out of the car and swooped her up. I took one look her and knew she was going to break my heart into a million pieces one day and when that day came, she took most of my broken heart with her.

Below Heidi is Sadie. She belonged to my husband's children and immediately became mine as well.  I'll never forget the first time I saw her.  I walked into their house.  Sadie was at the top of the stairs. I looked up at her and she looked down at me.  When our eyes met her tail started wagging so hard that it swung her body back and forth. It was literally a tail wagging the dog!  She raised her head up and it would swing one way and her hips would swing the other way. It was like she was doing the twist.  It was love at first site.  She also took part of my heart when she left us

Below Sadie is Lenny.  Lenny belonged to my step children's grandparents.  When their grandparents passed away we took Lenny in.  All you have to do is look into the big brown eyes and you can see what a sweet boy he is.  It was love at first site again. And again, a piece of my heart is gone.

I've  always loved animals. My first book entitled, Virgil the Hound is an amazon best seller and a wonderful book for teaching children compassion for animals and for people.   Here is the link to Virgil's Amazon page:

What I hope to do for my readers is help them understand animals, both wild and domestic, and their place in the ecosystem and their place in your home.

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